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We’re Having a Party!

Well, we had a party; I meant to get to this last night.


Yes, it was Mom’s (or Grandma’s, depending on which generation is doing the talking) birthday yesterday, so we marked the occasion with cupcakes and presents. That’s what passes for a party these days: the kids run around getting crazier and crazier, while the adults become progressively more glassy-eyed as they mentally check out. Let the good times roll! Happy Birthday, Gran!

The flowers, by the way, were Joey’s idea. He insisted that I order (or, perhaps, stop by the HEB?) some beautiful flowers and hide them, so that he could present them. Now, how could I refuse that?


Truth be told, part of the reason I didn’t post this yesterday is because I was rather disappointed in the apple cupcakes, and it’s bad form to say so and then proceed to serve them. I mean, they were okay—just not what I was hoping for. Specifically, the icing, which was less of a buttercream and more of a . . . butter. Yep. It was like spreading lightly sweetened butter on top of the cake. Since the cake was actually more like a muffin, I guess it all worked out, but you can understand why I spread it on instead of piling it on generously, as is my usual custom.

The boy and I, we’re definitely frosting people. I’m also a big fan of cake, whereas he is not, but neither one of us can pass up a good frosting. He barely took a lick of his yesterday, if that gives you a better idea. So disappointing. Well, my search for the perfect apple cupcake recipe continues. The ones at Crave have spoiled me, for sure, which reminds me that I also need to work on the perfect key lime cupcake. Tough work, I tell ya.

It’s been a really lackluster week, creatively speaking; I haven’t sewed a stitch. One of my goals this weekend, though, is to re-assess my work-in-progress box and see what’s going on in there. Out of sight truly is out of mind, in my case. It does make for nicer looking shelves, though.


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  1. Well, the cupcakes LOOK marvelous, does that count? Hope your mom had a good birthday — we’re in a birthday hotspot in our family – 3 this weekend! Have a good one!


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