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This week has been a total blur/bust/drag, and my mind is like mush, but so what? It’s still a beautiful day, and I’ll tell you why: Five years ago today, I made one of the best and easiest decisions of my whole life when I said “I do” to one Mr. Kevin Cooper. We have more fun than I ever would have believed possible, and he makes me laugh every single day, even on the ones where he has also made me crazy-mad. (He knew about the short fuse when he married me, folks. Caveat emptor.)

We had a book passed around during our wedding reception, and asked guests to write advice or well-wishes or whatever, and you would not believe how many people wrote something along the lines of “Don’t forget to laugh together.” I thought people just couldn’t think of anything original, but it turns out that it’s darn good and important advice. Another chestnut: Feed the bear before hitting him with bad news. That’s a really good one . . . and I’m working on implementing it.


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  1. seee…..i told you i’d forget! Happy Day! :o)

  2. Come what may!!!! But I LOVE you….

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary – may it be filled with, what else, laughter!

  5. You guys are perfect for each other! Many happy returns!!! I don’t know if you’re really supposed to say that on anniversaries, but it fits, so I’ll say it again… MANY HAPPY RETURNS!

  6. 🙂 Congratulations!!

  7. Congrats on five years of laughs. Here’s to many, many more!

    And I can certainly attest to the importance of laughs and humor in a marriage. Sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps us from going all shoot-y on everyone.



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