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Fall Shmall

Wow. Where did the rest of September go?

Well, good riddance, I say. Sure, it’s Fall, but you wouldn’t really know it to step outside. To me, in our neck of the woods, this season is one big tease. You look out the window, and it’s all grey and cloudy and (lately) rainy. You think, Ooh, I bet it’s cool! But no—that would be incorrect. It’s oppressively hot and steamy. “Seasonable” weather is 88 degrees, which is technically cooler than it was in the summer, but come on. It’s in the high 70s when I wake up at five in the morning; that’s no cause for celebration, in my book.

Nevertheless, celebrate I shall, because to do otherwise is to waste a perfectly lovely (if only in theory, or other parts of the country) season, and that would be wrong. So I’m just going to fake it ’til we make it.


[These looked much better in real life. See what I mean about the dreariness?]

It seems I’ve been spending more time in the kitchen than at the sewing machine lately. Last week, I managed to turn out some of my very favorite pear muffins. They’re based on this recipe, except I omit the granola in the muffin, and substitute rolled oats for it in the topping. This time around, I got all crazy and used chopped sliced almonds with the oats in the topping, but they burned a little bit. It added kind of a toasty flavor that I, personally, liked, but I’d probably leave them out next time. Oh, and I only had whole-milk yogurt on hand, so I used that instead of the low-fat kind, thus diminishing the overall wholesomeness of the finished product even further.

I wish I had one of those right now. I might have to make another batch pretty soon.

And look who else has been bitten by the cooking bug:


Yes, inspired by Tasty Time with Zefronk, the Boy has been whipping up his own snacks. These are the Banana Dogs, which is funny, seeing as he’s not very fond of bananas, nor is he a big fan of bread. We also busted out the perennial classic Ants on a Log, but subbed apples for celery. (He didn’t eat the celery version the first time around, and I’m not one to criticize that. Blech.)

I know who’s getting some chef-ly duds for Christmas!

[Edited 10.07.09 to add missing muffin link.]


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  1. Is that a banana in a hot dog bun? Because I think the Mr. may be on to something there…
    So glad to hear you are doing well! Sending cooler weather your way pronto.

    • Oh, but yes: a banana in a hot dog bun that’s been spread with peanut butter and a “smidge” of jam. I was just happy that it helped us up the leftover buns (and got him to eat a banana!)

  2. My exact thoughts when I stepped outside this morning and immediately began to sweat. Good grief already! But what is it about Fall that makes me hungry? I’d love to bake some chocolate chip pumpkin bread, but it’s just too hot to have the oven on for that long. RESPITE!!!!!!!

  3. return my email!

  4. I can also attest the muffins were DELISH!! Talia and I made the mistake of opening them during AWANA (but who could resist)…needless to say we had to share but they were oh so yummy!!! THANK YOU!

  5. A banana dog?? Well, that’s just the most awesome thing I’ve seen all day. This will make an appearance in our house for sure. I mean, smear some peanut butter on there and it’s a childhood favorite, just in a much more amusing package.

    Genius, that kid of yours.

    • Well, we’ll have to give Ze Fronk the creds on the invention of the banana dog, although that boy of mine — definitely one in a million! 🙂 OK, but this proves once again how easily we can amuse our kids without the help of fancy gadgets. “You want to cook? OK: here’s a dish with some pb & j, a toddler knife, a banana, and a hot dog bun. Go nuts! Create!” I gotta remember this come Christmas time.

  6. Ummm…I’m a bit rushed, but I just can’t find that muffin recipe link. What am I missing? I LOVE nutty, full of grains muffins!


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