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They Must Be the Angry Elves

Despite the many obstacles which threatened to ruin our good time, my mom treated my sister and I to Preview Night at the Quilt Festival. We had such a great time, but I have to tell you–that can be a surly crowd. Quilters do not play, friends. The vendor area was surprisingly crowded (we’re talking Saturday crowds, not what you’d expect on a weeknight), and one woman was walking kind of sideways toward me, bumped into my shoulder, and just kept on a-comin’. Then I was almost mowed down by a woman on a Rascal, and if you don’t think one can be “mowed down” by a vehicle going less than 2 mph, well, you weren’t there. [Meliss, do I lie?] I had nowhere to go but into the booth next to me. She then whipped around and came back my way at upwards of 5 mph, perhaps because she’d been going the wrong way. Hopefully not because she heard my sister and I falling down laughing and re-living the magic over by the fat quarters. Sorry, madame.

Hey, maybe those women were shills! That’s their job: to get shoppers into the vendor booths by any means necessary. Mm-hm. . .I think I’ve cracked the code.

OK, but we spent so much time in that section of the building that-would you believe?-we barely had time to glance at the amazing display of quilts. Madness! From what little I did see, though (which I cannot share with you, because I stupidly forgot to bring my camera), it’s almost more beauty than the brain can process. Seriously. I was totally taken in by these floral quilts, and it wasn’t until I laid my head down on the pillow a couple of hours later that I realized, Wait a minute! Those weren’t appliques! How can someone piece together something so flawlessly? They look like paintings, I’m telling you.

Wanna see what I made?


Yes, all by myself. I don’t know how the designs come to me; they just do. Cannot stop this natural-born talent! I kid, of course. This design actually came to me wrapped in a book, and I managed to cut it and piece together the rows in about an hour. (I was getting pumped up for the festival, dontcha know!) If you got some treasured little scraps, they make a great springboard for this design, and it doesn’t take a whole lot of yardage to round it out. I have another one up on the wall here in the batcave, so I’ll be continuing this fascinating discussion later.

Speaking of great springboards for treasured scraps, have you seen these pillows? (And by “you”, I mean you, Heather, because I suspect you will love them as much as I do.) Thank you for sharing the tutorial, Jacquie! Now I’m chomping at the bit to try it out.


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  1. You take worst quality scraps, because you have best quality heart. Must be born this way

  2. meg…you were so light in my arms when that lady ran you down because your spirit had already ran into that booth…

    ah, you guys kill me! who would have thought that festival ’09 would have provided so many memories?!

  3. YES!!!!! Saw them and immediately bookmarked em in my “things I want to do” section, which is getting longer and longer all the time.


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