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We were sitting at a light on Sunday morning, and The Boy was reading the marquee in the parking lot next to us.

“‘Take home a cake today [or something like that]. Live music Sat.’ Hey, that sounds fun! We should take home a cake, and some live music, and have a tea party on Sat. Hey, and how about on Mon.?” His little spiel cracked me up, and not only because I was sure he’d wrap it up a la Ghostbusters (“…we’ll play some Twister, do some breakdancing…”). He’s a festive one, that boy of ours.

Well, so what about Mon? You gotta give the people what they want!


And, thanks to my tempting new book (and the fact that I just so happen to have a cake keeper, and like the way it looks full), we’ll probably have another cake on Sat. So far, we have sampled the chocolate gingerbread [so very delicious!! It did, however, crumble horribly when I cut into it. Next time, I’m going to let it cool several hours instead of a measly one] and the chocolate malted snacking cake [pictured – good, but no chocolate gingerbread]. As my husband observed, this seems to be key to our commitment to good health: workout in the morning, and eat a cake at night. I would like to point out that we only eat some cake each night (and, really, it’s only been most nights) rather than a cake.

I am the Cakekeeper—are you the Coffeemaster?


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  1. Did it crumble? Or where you hacking at it like you do??? I will never forgive you for that will I? LOLOL


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