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Tis the Season


As I told Heather in that there little card (and let me just say I love making those little cards!), the great thing about her having an October birthday is that I can give her holiday-ish gifts early enough that they can be fully enjoyed in the same year.

Also, for the past few years, I’ve been hatching and re-hatching the mad plan to make *everyone* a special quilt for Christmas. Yeaahhh. . . that’s just never going to happen. Not because it’s so impossible, necessarily, but it’s just unlikely that I’ll start early enough on any of them to prevent the inevitable “I’ve finished all but one, so how can I leave just one person out?” conundrum. Oh, it would happen, I assure you. The answer, in this case? Make it a birthday gift! Genius!


Truth be told, this was not the quilt I’d set out to make when I started gathering fabrics. Given her love of improv quilting, I thought I’d give the wonky log cabin style a go. Then I lost my nerve, because I really love these fabrics together, and I could clearly see ending up with a less-than-satisfactory product, and then not having enough supplies left to start again. Then Amanda Jean posted this chestnut, and my problem was solved. Contemporary, but with clearly delineated straight-cut piecing instructions. Love it! A modern classic, in my opinion.


[A peek at the back. Yes, the quilting is a little. . .crazy. I forgot how difficult I find it to wield a quilt bigger than 40″x50″!]

Nowadays, when the word “friend” is tossed around to mean everyone from someone who practically lived in your home growing up to the person you’ve spoken to a half-dozen times in passing, it seems like it’s lost a little of its meaning. Maybe become a little . . . generic. Yet, when I think of Heather, I can really think of no finer word. She is a friend in the truest sticketh-closer-than-a-brother sense, and a whole stack of quilts would only be a token of how much I love and appreciate her for the good friend she is and has been to me all these years. [Sixteen years—can you believe it?!]

(Also, thank you for picking such wonderful colors for your decor, girl. How I loved working with these!)

And I’m also thankful that my good reputation proceeds me. Because I did – I repeat: did– pre-wash all of my fabrics. Did that prevent one of those blasted reds from splotching the back of my quilt in the final washing? Oh, but no. No, it did not.

RED [shaking my fists to the heavens]!!

Which only proves to me, yet again, that you cannot be to trusting of deep reds, or blues, for that matter. The lesson? Remove them promptly from the washer, no matter how many times they’ve gone through before. Man! Well, such is life. For a second, I considered pitching it and running out for a gift card, but dismissed that as madness. As a wise man once said, Nobody (or nothing, in this case) is perfect but the Maker. Amen.


Then, Sunday, there was a shower at church for a sweet young couple who will be marrying in December.


I went with the semi-standard registry + something handmade combo. In this case, the handmade was in the form of patchwork hot pads to coordinate with the store-bought oven mitts. They’re insulated but still look a little thin. I’m not sure I shouldn’t have labeled them “HOT PADS”, because I suspect they could pass for thick dishrags or weird, eco-friendly scouring pads. Well, as long as they’re used for something, right?


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  1. Sixteen years? My goodness, it doesn’t seem that long. But then when I look at all that’s happened since we first met, I realize it has to have been that long! Seriously, Meg, you have been the best friend I’ve ever had. In a world of shallow “use ’em and lose ’em” kind of friendships, yours is the most unselfish, constant friendship I’ve had.

    I absolutely LOVE my quilt!!!!! And because I know how much time goes into making one of these, I love it even more. It is beautiful, red stains and all. The quilt shows me that I am loved; the stains show me that we are comfortable in our friendship and don’t feel we must put on that “perfect” front for each other. I love you all the more for that!!! BFF!

    P.S. This novel is in lieu of the thank you card I was going to write!

    • Ha! I love it! I was going to include a whole thing on the symbolism of gifting a quilt with splotches, and it would have exactly matched what you said. 🙂 BFF! Email epistles in lieu of note? More than acceptable, and so very eco-chic!

  2. WOW! Megan – I am inspired by your great love for your friend – who happens to be my daughter! Your gift! How generous! How lavish! How spectacular! How very kind! It shouts love for a friend! Thank you for walking along life’s pathway with Heather! And thanks, Megan, for inspiring her to quilt! You are greatly loved!


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