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Planning is Overrated, Not to Mention Useless

Was it only a week ago that I was heaving a great sigh of relief, happy to have successfully pulled off the baby’s birthday celebration? Seems like so long ago….

Since then:

  • Joey developed bronchitis (out of nowhere! Right before bedtime, he sniffled, and a few hours later – BANG! – barking and wheezing) Saturday night.
  • Monday, at Bridget’s well-check, it was revealed that she has a raging infection in one ear, which had already ruptured. News to her Mother of the Year. In my defense (not that I needed one, but still!), she did wake up in the middle of the night the Thursday prior, but that’s about all the sign she gave. And those things hurt! Her ear was also a little dry and crusty looking, but nothing too unusual (which is to say green or oozy). Or so I thought. Oops.
  • She also got had a bounty of immunizations at this visit, which left her a little cranky for the next couple of days. You know, that and the ear thing.

Okay, these things happen. Nevertheless, Tuesday was a fresh new day! Got everyone out of the house, went to bible study, ran a couple of errands—all good stuff.


  • Kevin comes home in the middle of the afternoon, feeling horrible and running a fever. We’ll find out the next morning that it is–ta da!–the flu.
  • Wednesday, the handyman comes to drop in the long-awaited new kitchen sink. Very quickly, it becomes obvious that the one day job will stretch into two (which was not his fault. The tile around the sink needed to be repaired once the old sink had been removed. Boo/hiss.)

Overall, a fun week!

Still, there’s plenty to celebrate:

  • Hooray for modern medicine! Kevin was feeling better by Wed. afternoon, and felt great by the next day. I’m so thankful that he wasn’t any worse off; definitely an answer to my prayers. And the kids were on the mend in record time, too. Hooray again!
  • We have a new sink! One that doesn’t shoot fountains of water out the back every fourth time you turn it on! Such luxury!
  • Despite the madness of the past couple of weeks, I was able to meet my scaled-back goal of shipping two quilts off to Margaret’s Hope Chest.


I say “scaled-back” because I got pretty fevered when it came to making the tops, but lost steam when it came to the backing, quilting, etc. It quickly became obvious that I’d better finish one or two before going any further. It then became even more obvious that this was going to be all she wrote for this particular round. Such is life. Oh, and that neither would be particularly suited to a middle-school-aged boy [a group which was lacking in donations]. Sorry, guys. Definitely something to keep in mind for next time, though.

I’m feeling almost superstitious about listing my goals for this week, since I suspect that is what triggered the past week of unfortunate events. (Well, not really … but yeah, sort of. I sort of feel that way.) Maybe if I tell myself it’s sort of a wish list? Best case scenario?

Either way, here’s wishing you and yours a boring, uneventful week!




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