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We’re Nothing If Not Festive

This year, I’m introducing The Boy to the joys of handmade gifts. He selected Festive Pretzels, which seemed (and, happily, turned out to be) totally do-able.

He got a little tired of trying to get the chocolate on more than the first half-inch of the pretzel. We found that the easiest method to speed this along was for me to scoop up some of the melted chocolate with a spatula, and then he rolled the pretzel across it. The whole process was pretty quick [important for all pre-school projects, dontcha know], and he had a really good time. On top of that, he was super proud to hand out his gifts. Say it with me: Awwwww.

Needless to say, we’ll be cranking out another batch this week. I’ve only heard about it several times since we made these last Wednesday. He took a break while we were on vacation, but picked the thread right up where he left off upon our return.


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