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Love Song for the Library

I know I’ve shared this before, but I’ll say it again: I love to read. I also love our local library, because they never disappoint me. Many times, I look up a new title, thinking “Yeah, they’re not going to have it”, but they do! Or the have it on order, which means that they will!

My latest pick was Cherries in Winter by Suzan Colón. What a good (and quick), uplifting read for these trying economic times. I loved it. It reminded me, yet again, that we have not even begun to tighten our belts in the way that our parents and grandparents did. That is a reminder which I find oddly comforting, especially since the ads on television that urge you to do-it-yourself  (which of course means a trip to their store to stock up on supplies) usually showcase all the stuff we’re already doing ourselves.

Mom/wife as barber? Check. Watch movies at home? Check check. C’mon—give me something new, here!

[Thankfully, we’re not in drastically tightening mode here, but when a third of my husband’s facility was laid off last fall…well, let’s just say it’s made me more aware.]

Ah, but back to the library—talk about a money saver! A quick glance at last year’s reading list reveals that a hefty part of the books I read in ’09 were borrowed (either from the library, or my equally well-stocked and generous family and friends) and not purchased. I still buy my fair share of books – and happily, I might add – but nowhere near the what came home with me in years past. Thank you, sweet library, for saving me from myself!

As an aside, a quick scan of last year’s book list also showed me that I’d read less than I had the previous year. For a minute, I was a little disappointed in myself. I mean, I hadn’t even finished one book per week. On top of that, it was less than I’d read in 2008, and I had another baby in ’08, for Pete’s sake! Oh, wait. That’s right—I had another baby in ’08. Specifically: November of ’08,  so instead of laying on the couch reading all afternoon (because what else was I supposed to do? I was pregnant!), I was tending to the child who would not be put down. Who would not stop screaming until I put aside whatever was in my free hand [a book, perhaps?]. Yes, that baby. Along those same lines, I figured out why I had so much more trouble getting my Christmas gifts finished in a timely manner. Well, last year, I had a deadline, and one child. This year, I set the same deadline, but there was less cooperation on the part of the young elves. Aren’t those little voices tricky? Don’t believe it! You were never that great!

You know what I mean… .


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