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Yesterday, a full two weeks after I’d added it to my to-do list, I managed to bake a couple of loaves of Banana Bread with Chocolate and Crystallized Ginger

. Those sluggy-looking blackened bananas have never had it so good. Try it and see if you don’t agree. I was a little hesitant, even though I love ginger; it sounded funky in banana bread. More wrong I could not have been.

In other baking news, I attempted the Sweet and Salty Cake from this book on Friday night. Two of the three layers fell apart when I removed them from the pans. They’re wrapped in the freezer now, just waiting for me to try to resuscitate them with caramel and frosting. I don’t know why I thought that freezing the cake was going to magically make it work, but I was in too far to turn back. Maybe it will at least be tasty…?


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  1. Been there more than once! Horrible cake baker is what I am. You could always try again and use the fall apart cakes to make some sort of trifle. Can you tell I’ve done this before?

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