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Cold Comfort

So let’s hop in the way back machine, and rewind a couple of weeks to when I popped a couple of broken layer cakes into the freezer, hoping for a miracle.

Well –

Glory Hallelujah! It was healed!

Not perfectly, of course, but well enough that I couldn’t tell which one was the broken layer when I removed it from its wrappings. Actually, that was the one that had broken in half. The one that had broken into three big pieces? It was still broken, but since I iced the cake while the layers were still semi-frozen, it stayed pretty much intact.

Like magic, I tells ya!

Almost. If you look closely, you can see the fault line running up from the bottom two layers, there.

 To which, of course, I say “So what?!” It was such a good cake; Kevin declared it the best ever. I’m not sure how you can go wrong with a rich chocolate cake, topped with salted caramel, and then finished with a whipped chocolate caramel ganache. Still, I had my doubts. In fact, I almost eighty-sixed the whole project when I glanced over the ganache ingredients, because I misread them (what? impossible!) and thought that it was going to be one of those way-too-buttery buttercreams [it calls for a pound of butter, and not that much sugar], but thought it was worth a shot when I read the instructions more closely. And remembered that a pound of chocolate would probably be bringing something to the party, and that ganache is pretty much always good, as is anything involving caramel.

Have I mentioned the caramel? I think that recipe alone was worth the price of admission. So good! I’m eating the leftovers with apple slices now, and that’s just because I didn’t want to have to face the truth of having polished it off with a spoon. Apple slices make it seem so much more virtuous and all, am I right?

A word to the wise: The authors recommend serving it at room temperature, but this is about as far as I could get; it is super rich. I didn’t seem to have that problem when I at a piece cold the next day. Is there no end to the magical powers housed within that appliance?


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  1. Oh, my goodness, does that look delicious! I’m on my way over to your house!

  2. I enjoyed eating it cold out of the fridge…in the morning…oops!

  3. That looks heavenly. Too HEAVEN!!

  4. Wow! That looks amazing… we are big fans of chocolate cake!

  5. you had me at cake……

  6. I so desperately want a slice of that cake right this moment!


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