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Let’s Hear it For the Boy!

I was too excited when I came across this celebration, which will be going on through the month of February. Yes!! I mean, who doesn’t know that it’s much more fun and a lot easier to make something for a girl? Boys, however? I’m definitely running out of steam, especially if we’ve known them a while and have already run through my standard gifts [drawstring bag, coloring wallet…well, that’s about it].

And what about this kid of mine? I’m here to tell you, he’s definitely worth celebrating. Not that I’m biased or anything, mind you; he is one half of the creative mind that came up Turtle Toss:

Yes, a game born out of the male’s clear need to throw anything light and portable. In this case, they opted for the turtles I made for them a while back (right after I made this one.) It didn’t take long before they were sailing across the room toward Joey’s old robot baskets [yes, Chell — those ones. I’m still hanging on to them, almost five years later!]. We put this one together for one of Bridget’s little friends who just turned two. Joey thought the he and his brother would surely be fans of our family game, and who am I to argue? (Which, by the way, is part of my new philosophy: If we like it, it’s worth sharing. I’m using this mantra to help me break out of the paralysis that grips me when I’m faced with the prospect of, say, bringing a meal to another family. Or coming up with gifts for the fifty million kids in our social circle. So far, so good!)

Hey, this is off-topic, but do you guys have any ideas for projects which use old jeans? The “weekend only” pile on Kevin’s side of the closet is overflowing, and I can only make so many skirts.



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  1. Those turtles are too cute!

  2. I’m just impressed that you talked Kev into wearing skirts. Bravo! And I’d like a turtle…I hadn’t seen those yet. Cute!

  3. Love the Turtle Toss idea! I’m also excited about Celebrate the Boy.

    How about this for those jeans:

  4. I need a skirt. Is this where I put my order in?

  5. I’m just wishing Celebrate the Boy included some stuff for older boys as well. Somehow, even though I dearly love those pirate undies (, I just can’t see my bigger guys sporting them. But your little guy… he needs pirate undies, mama!


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