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Playing Catch-Up [Now with 30% More Pictures!]

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, bookended by internet challenges [so frustrating!!]. I thought I’d just do one big post of snippets to bring us up to speed.

Shall we begin?

  • A much-needed Craft Night with the usual suspects was just what the doctor ordered. Sitting in a chair with my embroidery (which will be featured in B.’s Christmas quilt, which of course must be started in February!), enjoying conversation with grown-ups, not to mention the  delicious meal? And sweet, sweet cupcakes? And fabulous prizes?! Oh yeah. I was completely rejuvenated!

  • A last-minute “get-well-soon” dollie for my now adenoid-free niece.

  • Valentines, of course! Happily, this was a very quick project [inspired by this post], because the count went from 4 to 14 two days before the party.

  • Birthday gifts for my two February nieces. Thank you for the idea (and the details!), Lori! I can’t believe that something I’d mentally filed away a couple of months ago actually stayed with me til the time was right! This year has promise written all over it. 🙂

Monday, I played hooky with my man and had a blast doing boring stuff like going shopping for housewares, followed by lunch at Chuy’s (shrimp tacos – yum!), topped off by cake and presents at my mom’s. Such a good way to start a week!

And, now, I’m off to polish off the last of that cake, because I’m 37, and I can eat cake in the middle of the day if I darn well feel like it. (Not that I didn’t do that at 36, but I somehow feel way on the other side of grown up at 37. Go figure.)


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  1. Your towels turned out so cute! And crafty nights out are always a good thing – especially when accompanied by a Wee Wonderful. 🙂

  2. I love the sucker idea, so cute. Although I must admit I thought at first you painted the end with a red stripe to make it look like a cigarette! I was like “Megan what are you pushin here?!” then I realized it was a tag…oops 🙂

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