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Coincidence? You Decide.

On Saturday, my husband (as usual) took the kids over to his folks’ house for a visit. In those four hours, I managed to:

  • Bake some cookies (which were promptly frozen, so that they wouldn’t be totally stale when I got around to icing them today);

  • sew waistbands into five little skirts;
  • assemble and finish three totes [The pieces had been prepped earlier in the week, but still!];

  • ran to the store for some chicken, then made this  (minus the green chiles, and using jarred green salsa instead of homemade) for dinner and stuck it in the fridge for later;
  • did a little happy dance and prepared to greet my family with a smile upon their return!

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  1. meems! What is that cookie cutter in the shape of?? I’ve just been staring at it

  2. what a gift of an afternoon!

  3. Oh, Meg, you used your good fabric for those totes. You’re so generous! Oh and I just bookmarked that recipe for next week’s dinner menu. Looks tastey!


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