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Once again, it is almost time for one of my favorite days: Go Texan Day! I just love it. Sadly, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, which puts a damper on my plans to cruise around looking for trail riders. Surely the sight of a chuck wagon smack dab in the middle of traffic would blow Joey’s mind. (When I told him about it the other day,  he was cracking up. Horses next to cars? Impossible!) You never know, though; there’s still hope.

The public schools in our district don’t encourage (or maybe even allow?) sweets from home, but he’s still in pre-school; I’m determined to enjoy myself while I can! So, in honor of this festive week, the cookies from Saturday made their way out of the freezer so that I could ice them for The Boy’s snack day on Tuesday.

I used this recipe, and it worked perfectly. Do not ignore the instruction to chill the dough for a good long while; that is the key to swear-proofing the whole rolling out process. (I’ve made these cookies before using a different recipe source, which didn’t stress the importance of chilling, and it was a bad scene, man.)

Since I was able to cut more than two dozen cookies from this batch, I iced them with royal icing. That way, the extras would be better suited to making the long journey to the East, where they could spread a little Go Texan spirit in the heart of Manhattan. [They should be arriving today….]

Oh, here’s a funny aside: Joey doesn’t like cookies very much. Molasses cookies and oatmeal raisin are the exceptions (oddly enough), but everything else, he could just take or leave. Ever the festive host, though, he was totally excited about bringing special rodeo-themed snacks. Go figure.


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  1. perhaps i should take my nephew to amish-ville, pa and totally freak him out. there’s nothing like being stuck behind a horse going 10 mph. ask him if he’s interested.

    • Yeah — the only time Go Texan Day got off to a bad start was the year I got to see the trail riders on my way to work…and proceeded to follow them the entire way. It was quite the slow commute….

  2. Let me know if you need our address.


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