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Sewing the Seeds of Love (Plus One)

These two little skirts are currently headed west to Colorado, and will then make the journey to their future owners in Haiti, thanks to Randi’s Sewing Seeds project.

A couple of months ago, I had it in my head that I’d like to start a little stockpile of items (i.e. skirts, pillowcase dresses, quilts) that are commonly requested in these aid drives, but kind of got jammed up in my head about the best sizes to keep on hand and that sort of thing. It was Randi’s comment about making skirts in her own daughter’s size that solved this dilemma for me, and led me to my personal “plus one” initiative (which was inspired, in name, by the church potluck rule of bringing enough for your family plus one, not that I’ve ever found myself actually doing that, since I’m somewhat uneasy about the whole potluck concept): If I’m making something for one of the kids in the family, I might as well make one more for a “guest”, right? So that’s what I did this time, except in the reverse, since I started out making the skirts for this project, and tacked on one more of each for an appropriately sized niece. (And by “appropriately sized”, I mean “what size will allow for two skirts from this piece of fabric?”; not an exact science, this method of mine.) 

By the way, if you’d like to participate in the Sewing Seeds project, there’s still time. The deadline has been extended to March 12th. Of course, I had it on my calendar as the 15th, because my reading is not so strong, and was extra excited to have posted them sooo early.

Oh. Well, anyway… they’ll be on time!


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  1. The fabrics are yummy!


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