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Do My Eyes Deceive?

Check out what I spied out the back window the other morning:

Yep, it’s last summer’s mint — resurrected! After it died a spectacular death around, oh, July (as it does every year, despite its unkillable reputation), I figured we’d seen the last of it (as we do every year, until I go and buy a new plant in the spring and try again). But no! This year it came back!

Does this mean that it’s going to be hardier and more magnificent than ever before?

Will it last the summer?

Should I give tomatoes another shot?? [Kevin’s not here right now, but I bet somewhere in Houston, he just felt the sudden urge to shout, “NO!!”]

Or maybe just stick with herbs?

Because this here would be Mint’s buddy, Rosemary, who managed to survive the shocking freeze which killed all living green things last month. Did I cover her? Or even, say, drag her over to the covered portion of the patio? The answer, of course, is no. In my defense, though, it could be noted that I’m not used to having anything to bother covering. Also, I figured it has secretly died already, and I’ll not be made a fool of by my own plants.

Not after what happened with the lemon tree. [We hardly knew ye, Meyer.]


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  1. OMIGOSH! You’re officially a gardener! Get to killing some tomatoes already. I won’t tell.


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