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Kids Craft Along – March: DIY Postcards

Sometimes it’s easy to get an idea filed permanently in your brain that should have been marked “temporary”. For example, I have it in my head that my son does not enjoy arts and craft time. He’ll tolerate it occasionally, but it’s really not his thing.

Then I noticed that he was spending most of his (and I use the term loosely) nap time holed up in his room coloring and writing notes. Which made me think that I should write myself a note to remind me not to pigeonhole the kids based on what they do and do not like when they’re three.

I’ve tried, over the past two years, to find an activity to occupy this kiddo while I make dinner. This, to me, is just about the worst hour of every day: the hour before dinner. The baby is almost always clinging to my leg, which makes it hard to cook over a hot stove, and the boy is bouncing off the walls.  Re-introducing a little craft time (thank you for the inspiration, Ms. Heather!) made Monday night – dare I say it? – much more fun. Also, I’ve been feeling a little melancholy about my babies no longer being babies, especially that girl of mine. It sounds ridiculous to miss someone who is right there [as described above, clinging to my leg; literally right.there.], but that’s the way it feels.

It’s possibly even more ridiculous to keep shooing them away so that I can sit and miss days gone by a while longer. Hm. That thought is actually what prompted me to dig out of my wallow just long enough to get back in the moment and not miss now, and I’m so glad I did!

Further proof that I was in full Benevolent Parent mode: I refrained from whining, “Stooooop! You’re wrecking it!” when The Boy lovingly crowned my work-in-progress with Ahsoka Tano (because it’s a girl Padawan, thus appropriate for girl’s artwork. Where do these ideas come from??)  It took everything in me, though, and I wasn’t even all that impressed with my own effort. Still….

But who could refuse such a high honor? The Boy loves those stickers.


[You can also see why, clearly,  Anakin and Obi Wan had no place at all on my postcard. He did, however, think that Uncle Scott warranted a prized Master Yoda sticker when I busted this craft out again for him and his cousin yesterday. At least his issue isn’t stinginess.]


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  1. Okay, I thought you were being abstract and put the sticker on there yourself and I thought it was pretty cool. I also love Joey’s postcard so much and can not stop cracking up at the thought of it actually going through the postal system and the mailman going “what the…?”.

    • Oh, I know! And we couldn’t get that idea through to the kids during the Missions Conference either; they just kept building the cards up way past the borders, stuff hanging all out every which way. A lot of double-sided ones, too (both there and at home). But — musn’t stifle their creativity, dontcha know!

  2. mmmm….yesss….honored in deed….yessss.
    (Read in Master Yoda voice)

  3. A. A kid in this family not interested in arts and craft time?? You fool, didn’t you know that eventually he would come over to the dark side with us

    B. Yours is pretty, but the boys sticker really makes it

    C. I refrained from putting these fun slime slappers in his easter box that I just sent out to mom. You’re welcome.

  4. We did have a fun time with those postcards didn’t we! May the force be with you!

  5. OOOooooo! I like, I like!!! Totally adding to my favorites right now! Love the layers. 🙂


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