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On a Roll (Or: Going Nowhere Fast)

During Craft Night, last week, I finally managed to press the hems in my Spring pajama collection, thus (almost, because I didn’t complete the stitching until Saturday) wrapping up what had turned into a three-week project.

As usual, I have to admit that a more motivated person could have finished a stack of this size  in two afternoons; a truly driven individual may have busted ’em out in a day. And a more organized person would have checked their supply of elastic before getting down to business. Someone like me, though, has to finally beat themselves into submission and threaten to close themselves off from all other projects until this one is done in order to get themselves to the finish line.

Takes all kinds, right? But done they are, and I couldn’t be happier. They were just in time, too, because the nights have started to get a little too warm for their winter-wear.

I may have to use this tactic to talk myself into quilting even one of the many tops that I’ve been cranking out over the past couple of weeks. At this very moment, I have two basted and ready to go; four complete tops; one on the design wall, halfway through the stitching process; one stacked and ready to be cut; one stacked and waiting to be designed. [That last one is going to have a top inspired by the print I’m using for the back, but I haven’t quite gelled up what it’s going to look like.)

Houston, we may have a problem. Good thing that April is Quilt Month!

Oh! And I also need to squeeze in time to make some bean bags for Liberia. Now how fun is that?! (And I can use up some scraps in the process, which will be a very good thing….)


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  1. Ok, I just read the new Craft Hope project too. Do you want to go in on this one together cause I’d be happy to make half the alphabet or something!

  2. Thank you for taking time to give to the children and teachers in LIberia. Your efforts will be so appreciated!


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