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Until Summer Comes Along

March was the kind of month where I could either do something, or I could count a journal entry as “something”, but I had a lot of trouble managing to both do and blog. But, you know this already.

One of the things I’ve been meaning to share is this lovely apple-pear salad. It’s not all that lovely to behold, but it is quite delish. Of course, my version is pretty scaled back, seeing as how I left out the walnuts (yuck!) and raisins (not yuck … unless they’re in a salad), and the orange zest (out of sheer laziness). Still, it’s so fresh and zesty! Please try it, won’t you?

Also, it  made me feel like a far better mother than the original side item for the fine grilled cheese sandwich you see pictured above, which would have been potato chips. Could I count those as a vegetable? Not so much. I’m really bad about including fruits and veggies with each meal. If they’re not part of the main dish, well, you probably won’t see ’em on the table. In the summer, it’s a lot easier to not only make them part of the entrée, but to add a little watermelon salad on the side, or top it with a nice cucumber-pineapple relish. I see a lot of folks supplement with canned fruit in the winter, but I just can’t do it. My husband may or may not object, but I can just see my father’s face if he were offered a bowl of sliced pears with his chicken*. Oho! Yeah, I just can’t do it.

[‘Course, he probably wouldn’t have rushed to the table for the watermelon salad either; it makes no difference.]


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  1. Well, Dad would have said he liked it…followed by “don’t make me eat it!”

  2. ah yes the thanksgiving soup dilemma


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