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The Cobbler’s Mother

Mom commissioned a new bag, oh, several weeks ago. As per my usual process, I finally got around to making it this weekend.

In theory, requests from Mom go straight to the top of the to-do list. Sadly, though, that place traditionally bears the “pass over me for something easy” seal, which is very hard to break through. Such was the case here.

[Here’s a poorly lit shot of the interior, featuring the sassy new dandelion print I’d purchased expressly for I-have-no-idea-what-I’ll-make-Mom. See? I knew it would come in handy!]

Although she was all for the bag featuring patchwork, she didn’t want it to go overboard into zany-quilted-purse territory; you know what I mean. Fun, yes, but not for folks who prefer to avoid the center of attention.

I was going for neutral yet unique, colorwise, and I think the pop of teal and gray was a success in that respect. The patchwork kind of glows, doesn’t it?

Once I’d settled on the design, it went together in a jiffy. It would have went together in flash had I not:

  • only made one strip of patchwork for a two-sided bag;
  • taken great care to sew the straps down with many backstitches at every opportunity, only to find – after I turned the bag right-side out – that one was twisted;
  • and, lastly, had I remembered that I prefer to leave the opening for turning at the bottom of the lining, rather than the top of the bag, because I can never get the top edge and lining to come together just right. This time ’round was no exception. Hope to remember that little nugget next time.


It’s done and she loves it, so hooray! I hope it serves you well through many adventures, Mom.


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  1. Oh, I saw cobbler in the title and thought it was going to be an entry about the desserts for this weekend.

    Nice bag though.

    • Mmmm…cobbler…. I likedesserts a whole lot, but I don’t like to think of them as my “children”. I think that’s an unhealthy level of attachment. Oh, and cookies won out on the whole portability/dining outdoors thing. Thought it’d be better to lower your expectations now.

  2. Mrs. P is going to be stylin’. So classy, and I’m loving the dandelions. I’m also so with you on the hole in the lining for turn out rather than the top edge of the bag. Now way, no how can I ever get THAT to look right!

    OK, Scott’s got me thinking about cobbler. It sounds so good, and I’m not even much of a cobbler gal. Subliminal…


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