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OK, I think I’ve stumbled upon a winning combo for the flowerpot on my mostly shady porch: coleus and Impatiens.

Fellow Houstonians, this made it through the entire summer last year, and the Impatiens only gave up the ghost entirely during that nasty freeze a couple of months ago. Please note that this was despite the fact that I forgot to water them quite often, only remembering when they started to wilt. Oops.

Here’s this year’s new batch, two short weeks ago… 

… and here’s what they look like now:

See? Not dead!! Dare I say that they appear to be thriving? I know that it’s not even hot yet, but still – this is promising!

On a less promising note, I did plant one grape tomato and two basil plants in the backyard. There were originally two tomato plants, but the squirrels got to one before I had a chance to get it into the pot.

Yes: before I even planted it. The roots were all exposed when I went to take it out of the nursery pot, which tipped me off to the fact that it had been tampered with [bushy-tailed rats], and then the stem broke in my hand when I went to transplant it. Now, I know that you can sometimes save the seedling by taping up the stem, but come on – what are the odds that I could successfully nurture a broken tomato to fruition? Yeah. I just buried it under the basil.

Oh, and the new lemon tree was attacked by aphids almost immediately, and ended up dropping most of its blossoms. The leaves, however, are still looking good, so there’s hope yet!


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  1. I knew you could do it! Look at those babies go!

    Let’s hope that tomato plant fortifies your basil, right? Poor dear.

    • Right? That was my thinking, although I’m not sure it isn’t actually killing the basil.

      Wait til you see what’s going on with the fruit trees, Finny — just wait!!


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