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I’d lost touch with my best friend from high school for about a year. Then, through the magic of Facebook, I found her again. During that time, though, she managed to cook up a whole new person: her fifth kiddo, another beautiful baby girl. The least I could do was whip up a quilt, right?

It took me a while to finish it up, but I did manage to get it to her before she turns one, which was my goal. In fact, I was so anxious to get it in the mail that I ended up stuffing it rather unceremoniously in a Priority Mail box so that I could ship it off at the same time as the bean bags. One must strike while the iron is hot, no? While I was at it, I also tucked in some mirrors that I’d painted for the girl’s mama.

They’d only been lying around for, oh, about five years. Yeah. The shipping anxiety? Not unfounded.

Quilt specs: I used this tutorial instead of my usual zig zag pattern, just to shake things up a bit. (I like to live on the edge.) The piecing is very simple, and the end result is a winner, but I don’t like the process of cutting off the points and squaring up the top. This shouldn’t be a surprise, since you all know that my cutting is not so strong. The super cute froggie flannel and the white fabric came from my mom’s collection; the rest came from my own. I had a great time pulling all of those pinks and greens and putting them to good use. The purple binding was a little bit of a wild choice, but the girls in that house especially love purple, and it tied in well with the back, so it all worked out. As for the zig zag strip that was pieced into the back, I’d hacked it off of the bottom of the quilt top when I realized I didn’t need it to be quite so large.  Since the backing fabric was just shy of what I needed, that turned out to be serendipitous; gotta love that!


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  1. The blanket is fab, as usual, but those mirrors are crazy beautiful! Love them!

  2. You should feel very proud!


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