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Spring to Summer?

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Although I had great plans for the Spring to Finish challenge, nothing ever goes the way I planned it to. [There were these short cartoons that used to appear between shows during the day when I was a kid, and one of them featured this miserable little guy singing the sad song, “Nothing ever goes the way I planned it to….” Guess what I sing when my plans start going down the tubes? And – sadly – nobody else remembers these cartoons or the song, which takes away from the experience.]

There were last-minute birthday gifts that cropped up [which, I must say, was just the excuse I needed to put together another one of these fun summer fun swim sets]: 

and graduation kind of snuck up on me, so that list dwindled rapidly, but I managed to squeeze in two of the six gifts I’d originally slated for production (and subbed in last-minute gift cards for some of the others — it does get easier!), including the traditional headed-for-college gargantuan laundry bag,

and something new, which I made using a pattern you may recognize from the Fall ’09 cover of Stitch magazine:

Can I just say how much I love this bag? True, I did put if off for several weeks (in typical fashion) because there appeared to be a lot of steps to its construction, but it was really very straightforward and fun. Also, let me just tell you that it comes to life when you add the quilted lines to the top portion. Such a great design! Oh, and the file folders I paired with the bag (which served to inspire the color choices for the bars on the bag) came from the Container Store.

So my quest to finish the million and one projects languishing away in a tub or buzzing around in my brain, continues. The way summer is already flying by, I doubt I’ll finish ’em all, especially since I keep adding new stuff.

Like the dress I made for the The Girl yesterday. Yep — more of those are pushing their way to the head of the line already….


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