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Waiting For That Special Occasion

The running joke in our house for the last week has been, “Is it Trail Mix Day?!”

I have a way of making the smallest task into a full-on production, at least in my head. To wit: making trail mix. Two weeks ago, I bought all the fixings for a fine batch of snacking goodness…and then let it all languish on the counter.  Several days later, when my husband was prowling around the kitchen looking for something to nosh on, that I mentioned I had all the stuff to make trail mix, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

I mean, you can see why I’d put it off, what with all the emptying of ingredients into the larger container, and then having to give it a shake or two to blend it. Sure you do! It’s very arduous!

Or maybe not. Seriously, I don’t know why I was treating it like a Christmas pudding, where the whole family would gather around for their turn at giving it a lucky stir. It was a two-minute task. Two minutes!

Which brings us to the next project: rags for the latest Craft Hope project. The day after it was posted, I remembered that I had an old crib sheet from three years ago that was no longer pretty (to say the least), but since it was still intact, I couldn’t stand to waste it. You need rags, you say? That will become indescribably dirty, but should be soft enough for cleaning delicate sea creatures? Oho! So, after dashing upstairs to dig it out, I laid it across the cutting table.

Where it then sat for two days. Because you mustn’t be too hasty when you’re cutting something into rags. “If I start writing now, when I’m not really rested….” * The trail mix incident still fresh in my mind, I decided not to waste one more day on such ridiculousness, and got to slicing.

I did make them double-sided, since the fabric was pretty thin, but threw caution to the wind and used mismatched bobbin thread for the stitching. You know, because they’re rags.  Oh, but it was so nice to be able to do something to help [those  tending to] the poor little oil-soaked critters; giving second life to that big ol’ piece of fabric was a bonus.

*From this song, which is my head’s signal to me that I’m procrastinating. For all the good that does.


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  1. two things: thanks. thanks a lot…that song will be in my head all night…

    and two: i know why you treat it like the christmas pudding…because your household is the type where everyone would gather around all excited to give it a shake. or was that our house when we were growing up?

  2. omg, Peter Rabbit! Brings back memories of you and me in my room singing along to moms record


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