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We’re Getting There

As I sat around like a big sleepy bear all winter, I secretly fretted over the lack of veggies in our diet. I do not like cooking vegetables. Now, eating ’em — that’s a different story. LOVE my veggies. (Most of them. Not the winter squashes, especially after an unfortunate bout of stomach flu that immediately followed a lovely meal of roasted winter vegetables. Sad, really.) But working them into the dinner lineup? That’s a whole different story.

Luckily, summer is here again, bringing with it so many more possibilities.

This was last week’s Pasta Ponza, which was declared a winner by the whole family (and it’s so easy to make. SO EASY!) I loved it, and I don’t even really like fresh tomatoes. Those little sweet grape ones are quite delish right now; the yellow ones are even better. You’ll notice that the parsley is only on one side, as a certain boy doesn’t like “leaves” on his food. See what I’m up against?

I’m making salsa to go with our quesadillas tonight, which brings the homemade salsa count for the week to three. [Last night, we had cucumber-pineapple salsa over catfish, and Monday featured watermelon-jicama salsa with grilled chicken. The latter is in the current issue of Rachael Ray Everyday; thanks for the tip on that one, Heather!] We’ve even been eating all of the fruit instead of letting it rot in the crisper. Woohoo! At this rate, we’ll have the glow of good health in no time, right?

Regardless of the amount of said fruit that goes into pastries/desserts, right?


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  1. Did you like it? Did you put in the vinegar or leave it out?

    • I subbed in the lime juice, too. I *loved* it…but I was the only one. Nobody else was too crazy for the jicama (the most neutral veg in the world). I don’t get these people at all sometimes….


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