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Find Something You Like…

…and make it in every color. In this case, the “something” I like happens to be elastic thread. Oho! That is a fun little tool to have in your arsenal. Watching the fabric shrink up when you hit it with the steam is like seeing a great magic trick, each and every time. And I should know, because I made a total of five of these dresses for my girl and her cousin before I ran out of steam (figuratively speaking, that is; the iron is just fine.) There’s one more waiting in the wings, which I’ll circle back ’round for shortly. It’s cut and marked, after all, and the fabric is one of my faves. That’s always a good motivator: fabric too pretty to be wasted.

I’ll add one more word to the wise (to Heather’s good advice, which gave me the courage to go ahead and just try this out already), and that is to check your work any time you start out with a new bobbin. Learned that lesson the hard way after I dropped in the second bobbin and sewed three new rows, each of which had to be painstakingly removed because the tension was crazy. Along those same lines, if you have any trouble manually bringing up your bobbin thread, pop it out and re-load it. Usually, your thread should loop right up and you can easily guide it the rest of the way. If it offers up any resistance, and you have to tug on it to bring it up, odds are you’re in for trouble. Again, this is something I figured out in hindsight. Aside from that, it’s a breeze! My only regret is that I waited so long to give it a go. Now my girl has a lovely selection of what was my very favorite style sundress when I was little. Oh, if only I had that sweet navy and white number…ah, to be six again….


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  1. we were such stylish kids…thanks for carrying on the tradition for my girl! ❤


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