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We’d Surely Starve

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It’s not that I don’t want to grow my own produce and live off the fat of the land, as it were. Really, there’s nothing I’d love more than to pop out into the yard and pick some veggies for the evening meal. Or maybe even have to make little herb bouquets to place throughout the house because the herb garden is just growing out of control.

Or, for that matter, be able to enjoy one single blasted lemon from my beautiful Valley Lemon tree.

Now look closely at this photo: Do you see the little lime-looking thing on the fence? That was one of the two remaining ripening fruits on my little baby tree, and no, I did not put it there. There were originally five; three disappeared without a trace. Then I look out the window to see this madness.

Clearly, at this point, the squirrels are toying with me; I can think of no other explanation.

Curiosity got the best of me, so I brought this poor little lemon in for further examination. It was only one of the best smelling lemons ever. Of course. It might not be that healthy, mentally speaking, to be so sad over citrus, but there you go. That last one is still hanging on, but it almost pains me to check up on him now. Who knew the ripening process took so long?!

In other garden news, one basil plant does appear to be going gangbusters. Could it have been bolstered by the tomato plant buried beneath it? I wonder. The other basil to the failed tomato on the other side of the yard isn’t faring nearly as well. The mint is looking puny, but still productive.

Let’s just hope I never have to sustain this family with a “victory” garden. I’m not sure I could ever develop a fondness for squirrel stew, despite my hillbilly heritage. [D’ya think Uncle Robert has any recipes “squirreled away”, Mom?]


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  1. if you look out your window and that lemon is replaced by a pitcher of weak lemonade then i’d say the squirrels are def. messing with you.

  2. My garden is definitely more of a “defeat” garden than a “victory” garden…and your tale of woe is oh, so familiar to me. I watched my teeny prospective harvest of 6 blueberries dwindle until it was one lonely half-ripe blueberry yesterday, and then none today. Sigh.


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