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Summer Fun

So, here we are, officially more than halfway through the summer. That is, according to the school calendar; everyone knows that summer in these parts goes well into November (except it gets dark really early come October.)

This month, we:

  • welcomed Daddy home after his looong trip to Asia;

  • picked six pounds of gorgeous blueberries;

[some people found the whole blueberry picking experience less magical than others]

  • then this kid turned five, which doesn’t happen every day, so we had cake not once…

…but twice! Hey, that’s one of the many perks of having both sides of the family in one city. And what a cake this is, right? Well, he liked it, and that’s what counts (and it was tasty, if I may say so myself.)  How many more years do you figure I can get away with planting some Legos on a white cake and calling it “the Echo Base on Hoth”? Not too many, I reckon; gotta strike while the iron’s hot. [Only after the fact did I start having all kinds of ideas for making it really cool, which is pretty typical, come to think of it.]

Things which also filled our days (not pictured): swimming lessons for the boy; Vacation Bible School; the occasional jaunt to the library; swimming with cousins; weekday movies [Toy Story 3, in 3D no less!].

All of which is to say: July has been jam-packed, by our standards.


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  1. okay, 1. mike would cry like a baby if beanie greeted him in a little outfit like that after a business trip…not that it would make any sence since he only goes to oklahoma,

    and 2. that star wars cake came out pretty darn cool! (and the other one was mighty tasty!)

  2. oh, and she should have been holding a little umiboshi plum when Kev got back. a disgusting, salty, nasty little plum…i’d rather eat opium!

  3. Did you bring a camera to blueberry picking? I sure don’t remember seeing you with one. Maybe it was tucked in your backpack… We did get us some good berries, didn’t we!

    I still have the birthday boy’s candy…

  4. Cake, good. Star Wars, Battle of Hoth cake, phenomenal.

    I was going to say “It was the thermal detonator!”
    You know, “the bomb.” Thought it would be cheesy…still is.

  5. My boys loved the cake! Now they are telling me I am a bit late on replying….so i was updating all my favorites and getting their classes in order under their schools…just cleaning up!

    Great cake!!! Smiles:)

    They say once a star wars fan always a fan…so they say you can pretty much get away with it forever!


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