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Snack [Bag] Attack!

After coming across this tutorial a couple of months ago, which I will now file away in the “Why didn’t I think of that?!” collection, I knew that I had to make some. I mean, no stupid fraying (or plastic-y) lining? No fiddling with velcro? This is the bag for me!

 And– going against type –I actually did whip up half a dozen or so right away. The thing is, we go through a lot of snacks, so I needed some more.

The beauty of it is this: less than an hour after I decided to make some more, I had another stack. A few days later, I had the hankering to whip up some more, and did. Know why? Because each one only takes a 6″ x 12″ scrap, and (again I say) the whole process, from selecting the fabric to turning the last bag (bag #6) takes less than an hour. That, my friends, fits in with my somewhat ridiculous definition of a “quick” project. For the record, four hours does not. It may be easy, but it’s not quick. That’s just me. Anyway, I actually added a step to this process by making a french seam (because I knew from experience that fraying seams would bug me, even on a snack bag), so you could shave off another five minutes if you leave that out.  

One caveat: Your food will start to wilt fairly rapidly in these lining-free babies, fellow Houstonians. According to my guinea pig, the graham crackers I packed at 7 a.m. were soft by 2 p.m. Good to know. Now I just wrap them in wax paper before tucking them in the bag. Since his lunch is more of a brunch, though, the chips seem to do just fine. And my fellow car-rider likes a little something to nosh on while we wait in the afternoon, so these bags are terrific for her. The Cheerios or “bapples” are still plenty crisp fifteen minutes after we leave the house.  Best of all, I’m not left with a bunch of slimy ziploc bags in my purse and/or car, so we all win!

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