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Mum’s the Word

Oh, but there was still fun to be had last week. Friday was Storybook Homecoming day at The Boy’s school. (Please don’t ask what that means. I still don’t get it.) In celebration, each child was sent home with the basic supplies to make a mum based on their favorite storybook. The parents were supposed to help them with this fun project; you know, if they’re in the fifth grade. Kindergarteners? Pretty sure the word “help” was an understatement.

Did I mention that I’ve never made *a* mum? Or even really seen one up close? Yeah. And it wasn’t until after I got home from the craft store that I had the wherewithal to look up instructions (oh duh!) and found out that you’re supposed to add “points” and layers and stuff. Oops.

Or should I say, Alpha Oops!, the story upon which our (his?) mum was based.

The title and author were to go on the white ribbon; main character on blue; favorite character on red. I toyed with titleing this post “M is for Madness…and Monstrosity…and Mum”, because that pretty much summed up my feelings about the whole endeavor. Truth be told, though, I was pretty proud of the end result (which is more than I can say for the exceedingly crappy photo. Yikes.) I mean, we met the criteria, and I even managed to make the “points” out of sparkly craft felt, since I didn’t have a roll of the satin ribbon in my stash. There are limits to what my craft room contains, as it turns out. Most importantly, the kid was super happy with it when he left the house, and didn’t have a sad story when he got home about how all the other kids pointed and laughed — a success!

 Hopefully, that’s it for the special projects for a while. One can hope, right?


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  1. “I” for “insane”…but it came out really good! Now save it until highschool and he can pass if off to his homecoming date.


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