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Meeting the Minimum Requirements

A certain five-year-old, who has recently been appointed Minister of Holiday Cheer in this here house, has been expressing his deep disappointment over our lack of Halloween decor.

Sorry, boy — it’s just not my thing. But! We do live to serve:

A quick raid on the craft box yielded scraps of fun foam, felt, and construction paper; a good time was had by all. I need to hang them in their appointed places [the boy thinks of everything] today in order to bring us up to specs, and then I have designs on surprising him with a certain festive wreath. Here’s hoping that eases the pain of not having a giant inflatable whatever in the yard.


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  1. I LOVE the jack-o-lantern. Oh the tiniest of carved faces, too cute

  2. Aww, they had so much fun with “cool aunt Meems”…Bean took her blue bag of festive fall decor to both therapy sessions this week and showed everyone from the front desk all the way back! So you did great!

    And your 5 year old reminds me of Mayor of Munchkin City and takes his duties very seriously!


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