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The Plan Was Good

 So a certain someone is a dresser for a certain upcoming musical, and I thought that it warranted a special celebratory gift. Ooh! How about some cake pops?!

OK, so I can draw a decent Spider-Man face:

After hunting all over creation, I was able to find food-safe markers for drawing the web; Mom located the hard-t0-find red candy melts (at Joann’s, the only store that I didn’t visit during my hunt). Making the cake pops themselves (using these instructions, naturally) was a little fidgety, but not too bad. Success is imminent!

But … watch out!

Foiled by the blasted pen! I could.not.make it work on the chocolate. The tip just kept gumming up and skipping, and I hung it up after two attempts. So frustrating! And disappointing! Kevin even gave it a go, but his ended up looking like someone had Spidey by the back of his mask. Very stretched out and strange.

Hey, I’m no quitter (well, maybe I am a little bit of a quitter; it gets easier), but I know when to cut my losses. Plan B: wrap the rest in cellophane treat bags secured by blue electrical tape, and nestle on a cloud of silver tissue paper. Let’s call it abstract, and pretend that’s what I meant to do all along. 

Here’s another word to the wise: If you try to smooth things out with a second dipping of candy, it will be smooth, but it may also crack when it dries. I don’t know why, but I can tell you that about half of the re-dipped ones ended up sporting big ol’ fault lines in them like that one on the left. Double blast!

I won’t say, “It’s the thought that counts”, because I don’t subscribe to that point of view. The thought only really counts to the thinker, no? At least it was fun and I would have been darn pleased with myself if I hadn’t gone and gotten too big for my britches with the original idea. Doesn’t hurt that they’re tasty to boot.

[Keep up the good work, Mikey Boy! What does “Turn off the Dark” mean, anyway?]


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  1. And they arrived in perfect condition…so good.

    The title Turn Off the Dark came from a story Bono recalled about a child who, instead of saying turn on the light, said turn off the dark. They chose the title because, as Julie Taymor said, “The one thing that Spider-Man is about is trying to bring a certain kind of light back into a world that is full of darkness.

  2. Meg, how cool is this… “Bono, my old friend…”

  3. You really CAN draw a Spiderman face! The boys were impressed. Happy b-day Mikey!


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