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Change is Good

If you know me at all, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I’m not particularly good at making money; I’ve come to accept that about myself. It’s the curse of those of us with medium-to-low ambition.

I am, however, quite practiced in the art of finding a few extra pennies here and there. (Have I mentioned that once or a thousand times before?) Since we are, despite what the 90 degree weather would suggest, about to roll headlong into the holiday season, I’ve been scouring every last nook and cranny for extra scratch. Here are a few of my favorite silver* mines:

  • Amazon Mom: It’s also no secret that I love shopping on Amazon. They do send a lot of emails, though, and most of them barely get a glance. That’s how I missed this little nugget: Enroll on Amazon Mom, and not only do you get the “Prime” benefits (for a limited time; click on the link and check out the Terms and Conditions for details), but you save on diapers and can save even more if you enroll on their auto-ship program.
  • Speaking of Amazon, they also have a Trade In store for books (not just textbooks). I usually run all of my books through the calculators there and at my other fave. Amazon has a trade-in store for DVDs, too, which has proven useful. Not exactly lucrative, but a couple of bucks is more than they were making me in the entertainment center [a.k.a. the dresser in the living room].
  • buys old electronics. This is fairly meaningless to us, because we’d actually have to spring for something cool in order to have anything to trade in, but hey — you might be able to cash in! Good for you — best of luck!
  • Local folks: Don’t forget that we are in a deregulated electricity  market, which means we get to choose are own provider. Shopping for a new plan may save you some cash; it worked for us. You can compare plans and providers here.
  • Even if you’re perfectly happy with your auto insurance provider, it might be a good idea to check with them every year or so to make sure you are receiving all of the discounts to which you’re entitled. I switched mine several years ago (and saved *major bucks*), and can think of at least two separate occasions where I spoke with a rep and found out that we were eligible for discounts which hadn’t been applied to our account. Every little bit counts, no?
  • Would it be a discussion about change if I didn’t mention my beloved Coinstar at least once? Come on! It totally feeds my online shopping addiction. Makes it feel almost guilt-free, too, I might add. (Not totally guilt-free, because I could cash the coins in without a counting fee at my credit union, and then have actual cash in hand, but am I not going to shop? Seriously.) It also helps defray the cost of my love of Starbuck peppermint hot chocolate in the wintertime, and also the occasional music download year-round. And, of course, my old friend Amazon.

[I am in no way shilling for Amazon, although I can totally see why one would think this whole post is a thinly veiled ad for their many products and services. Not so, my friends; my world is just very small. ]

*You know, as in the color of lovely clinking quarters, dimes, and nickels.


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  1. Ah, sweeet coinstar! I have two years of coins I need to take over…TWO YEARS WORTH! I’m thinking of throwing them up in the air and laughing like a mad woman first, or at the very least, rolling around in the sweet giftcards I’m going to get. (which is like 2 or 3, so I might just throw them on the floor and jump up and down on them a few times…)


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