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Dye Another Day

This morning was supposed to be devoted to fun and fabric-dyeing with my pal. Instead, I spent it laundering crib bedding and waiting to see if/when my little Old Faithful here was going to blow again. (So far, so good! She’s spent most of the day begging for food, which I’m taking to be a good sign.)

It’s safe to say I would’ve had more fun with the original plans. Such is the life of a mom, right? Goes with the territory.

I did manage to finish up some more onesies yesterday, so the wheels of progress are still moving along slowly:

Evidently, boys = stars. Sure! Then I made a pink ruffley set. I was so sure that I had another pink cotton that would accent it perfectly, but couldn’t put my hand on it anywhere.

dig dig

Was it a print or a solid?

dig dig dig Oh, well. I went ahead and cut out a little pink heart from the knit, and then backed it with a black and white patch. 

Then, right before I fell asleep, my brain unscrambled a little bit more…and I started laughing when I remembered where I’d seen that shade of pink before:

“Oh, a little pink heart! With black and white — that’ll be so cute!” And it is cute, and I’m sure the good folks at Alexander Henry agreed when they printed that fabric [see the patch on the hat?] several years ago. A fabric that I’ve used again and again, because I just love it so much. Not enough to remember it, but a special love nonetheless.

Friends, this is your brain after thirty-five. Any questions?


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  1. Hey, I was thinking they were so cute because they remind me of the shirt you made Bean for her 2nd Christmas…is it the same fabric?

  2. Cute! Cute! I made a few girl sets as well, but mine are not as cute as yours. Turns out it was a good day to postpone our dying. Homeschooling turned out to be quite a long ordeal. So see, it worked out for the best.


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