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[Yes, I’m going to go ahead and post without one of my stellar pictures, because the one I took tonight in my fully lit kitchen was too murky (even by my standards.) Sorry ’bout that there.]

Well, we’re trying new things around here this month. Specifically, vegetables.  Yepper — I just referred to “vegetables” as new things. See, it occurred to me a while back that I only manage to shoehorn them into the meal a couple of times a week, far below the five a day quota. Fruit does play a prominent role at breakfast and lunch, but I’m pretty sure we’re still missing the mark. So, I decided to take a radical approach: we purchased a farm share this quarter. Since planning my meals and working the veggies in hasn’t been working for me, I figured I’d try a switcheroo: The veg come to me (or, rather, I pick them up every week), and then I plan the menu around whatever is in the bag. It’s kind of like an Iron Chef challenge ratcheted way down. Hey, and so far so good! Of course, it’s only week two, but we’ve been steadily chipping away at the produce. It’s some pretty out there stuff, too, for people unaccustomed to eating anything but broccoli and the occasional green bean. We’ve had radishes, bok choy, and arugula, along with more common stuff like zucchini, summer squash, and bell peppers. I ended up having to chuck half of the radishes; they went and got all soft on me before I could salvage them, so we only ate two of the six. Tonight we had Farfalle with Arugula and White Beans, and it was a hit! Even though they’re good eaters, in general, I never would have guessed this group would like that one. (Well, the kids weren’t wild for the greens, but the boy at least ate his serving. The girl’s a tough sell when it comes to wilted greens.)

Oh, I’m also trying to institute a weekly home “date night”. Basically, it’s going to consist of dessert and coffee after the kids go to bed. Frankly, this is about all we can muster the energy to manage at this point. It sounds terrible, but going out all the time is kind of a hassle, especially for homebodies. At least I imagine it is…. Anyway, tonight I made Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Dulce de Leche (which was in this month’s Everyday Food magazine, but I can’t find a link online.) I’m really looking forward to having a cozy little treat in just a few minutes instead of our usual routine, which consists of him working on his laptop whilst channel surfing, and me sticking my nose in a book, periodically looking up to tell him to stop switching the blasted channels and light somewhere already. (It’s what we do.)

Okay — time to go start the coffee!


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  1. I saw the bread pudding recipe in there this time. I made the pumpkin chocolate tiramasu. YUM!!!

  2. Our “date night” is fast food after Bean is in bed on Saturday…followed by heartburn from eating after 8pm…we’re getting old.


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