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Hang In There, Little One!

She is the sole survivor; The Highlander, if you will. The only lemon budlet to survive the rigors of Spring 2010. As I carefully covered the tree with a sheet last week, before the first freeze, I couldn’t help but think I was winding my little yellow friend’s shroud. But! She made it! Now, she’s almost ripe, and I can hardly stand the wait. Is it wrong that I don’t want the kids out on the deck, lest they should fall and hurt…the lemon? Please — don’t judge me. Didn’t you read the part where I mentioned this is THE ONLY ONE? And please don’t forget that this is the THIRD TREE we’ve blown through. The others? Well, they were gone before they had a chance. Gardeners, we are not.

Or are we? Because there’s one honkin’ big lemon in my backyard which would suggest otherwise. Just a few more days….

Next: The anxiety over how to use said lemon, and the hope that I’ll make a decision before the little beauty starts to mold.

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