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Off to a Good Start

December, that is, which I wanted to be sure and say now, before the month ends. Which will happen before we know it, not to make you (or someone like you) feel additional pressure and anxiety.

Heather summed up our Craft Night Favorite Things party beautifully here. So. Much. Fun. But here’s the part y’all missed: The prep. I had the pleasure (and I mean that sincerely) of hosting this time around, and everything was all set. I had my gift idea; the menu was simple; the house had been decorated and spruced the week before. Totally manageable. So why was it that, at eleven in the morning, I was just about positive that this thing was not going to come together. Nothing was finished. Nothing! And it just seemed like I was running around and around, but still not finishing. It was ridiculous.

But –

I tell you this story because it has a happy ending. Everything came together just fine. In fact, it was only about an hour later that the realization hit me that the pieces were actually falling into place. It’s the memory of that little pocket in time that is keeping me going this week, when nothing seems to be getting done. I mean, I’m doing plenty, but nothing is done.

Oh, but it will be. Just like these little numbers:

[Special thanks to Finny for the visual reminder of that wonderful old chestnut, the jar bonnet It’s all about the fabric, friends.]

My offering for our favorite things exchange was some tasty chai concentrate, and the tea to make it all happen. It’s so very delicious (if you like that sort of thing, which I know some of you may not…Mom), and simple to make once you have all of the proper spices on-hand.

As if that’s not enough, you can enjoy the feeling of smug satisfaction every time you fill your handy-dandy reusable travel mug [as I will be — thanks, Rebekah!] with your very own homemade chai, for which you paid only mere pennies. Mm-mmm.


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  1. It was absolutely the funnest Christmas party! And the chai is superb! I’ve got it on the docket for my chai-loving brother-in-law’s birthday present.


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