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Cool Trick (Though Not One You’ll Likely Use Often)

[Craft Night’s featured dessert, Cranberry Granita]

OK: Every granita recipe that I’ve made requires that you first make some sort of simple syrup. Then you need to let it cool before you start the freezing process, a process which has always taken me at least three times as long as the recipe states. Frustrating! However, this time I tried something a little different. Instead of just letting the fruit syrup cool, I chilled it overnight in the fridge. When I started the freezing and scraping cycle the next day, it went much more quickly and produced better, fluffier results. I’m not sure if this was just a fluke because of the cranberries, but I think I’m on to something here.

I should mention that the thought only occurred to me because you need to add this refrigeration step when you’re making custard-based ice creams, and I thought it was worth a shot with this. Still, there wasn’t any milk in this recipe, now was there? Totally different animal! I am a genius! 😉


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  1. It was really delicious! Recipe please!


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