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The Dreaded Non-Starter

Every year, there’s one project that causes me to freeze up, unable to get it off the ground. Worse yet, until I get that one underway, I can’t seem to get moving on anything else.

Sadly, 2010’s official non-starter was actually a carry-over from ’09. I’d cut it (and a second one) loose last year when it became obvious that finishing was not an option. This year, though, I refused to let it meet the same fate, and buckled down nice and early. As a result, I just put the final stitches into the binding. Huzzah!

The second one, however, never made it off the shelf. 2011 will be its year! That one was this year’s sacrifice, because crossing it off the list early on gave me the extra steam to finish this one. You gotta know when to say when.



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