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THE Christmas cookie of the 2010 season: Double Chocolate – Peppermint Crunch Cookies. So. Good. If you like that sort of thing, and my love of the peppermint chocolate combo is well-known, I’m sure. The first batch is almost gone (mostly given away, thank you very much), but another may follow.

Oh! If you decide to make these, too, I would recommend chilling the dough briefly before rolling them into balls and baking. My dough seemed much too soft for successful rolling right off the bat, so I ended up chilling it overnight…which was too long. But after about thirty minutes on the table, it had warmed up enough for me to chip off the amount needed, and it was easy street from there on out.

*Hoglicious is a step above “dog good” — which, itself,  is a very high rating — in Coopese.


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  1. They were wonderful!!! Michelle and I had them for breakfast during Sunday School coupled with the saddest cup of hot chocolate. (Next time I’ll bring my own cocoa.) And I just had to share one with your little cherub when I looked into her pleading chocolate brown eyes. I also know her love for the “cany cane”!

  2. Those look absolutely AMAZING!!! I am on a cookie craving right now (We baked/decorated sugar cookies after church last night and I did not pack one for my day at work… tragic!) I think this is a recipe that we will have to try out at our house!


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