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(Mostly)Wrapped and Ready

My new favorite way to wrap gifts:

[See this tutorial for instructions.]

Great on so many levels: reusable; beautiful because what’s prettier than fabric?); easier than finding a box for those hard-to-wrap bulky gifts. I love these bags!

Of course, easy doesn’t always equal quick. Drawstring bags are definitely easy, and making one is pretty quick, but making a bunch? Yeah. It requires a bit of a time commitment, but not too much of one. That having been said, I have one more to make, and I wish I could just snap my fingers and make it appear*. Then again, I’m already making big plans to make them all year long in a variety of handy sizes. Makes no sense.  Anyway, if you have extra fabric that you’ve been clinging to for too long, it’s a great way to put it to good use. Not necessarily the easiest thing when you have what borders on an unhealthy love for beautiful prints, granted, but some of these pieces have been sitting on my shelf for years, just waiting to be given a purpose. Merry Christmas, my cottony friends — you’ve been freed from the shelf for good!

I used cotton twill tape for most of the drawstrings, but really wanted to try out Heather’s knit trick (especially after seeing how cool it is in action on my super-cool new necklaces). Unfortunately, I only have one piece of coral knit. Fortunately, it exactly matched the Shari Berry print [see “clinging to”comment above] in my collection.



*Alakazam — it’s done! And now bag production is officially done for the 2010 Christmas season. It’s back to paper from here on out, not that I had any shortage of that, either. Note to self: Hold off on the paper when shopping the after Christmas sales.


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