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Picking Up Where We Left Off

So, it’s already the 5th of January? Really?

Well, the holidays flew by, as usual. Also as usual, nothing turned out quite the way I planned it to, which is to say:

  • Being “as good as done” is not the same thing as being done. I have a way of clapping my hands when the last of the handmade stuff is complete, and forget that it all needs to be wrapped and delivered and there’s still baking to do and cleaning and shopping and more wrapping. Every year, I have this loose plan in my head to do nothing but celebrate during the week preceding Christmas. Never happens. We came close this year — closer than ever before! — but, no.
  • Three days before Christmas, I realized that — even though I was “done” shopping — I only had two items for Bridget’s stocking. And one of them was a pair of tights. Whoopsie-daisy! So…turns out I was not done shopping after all. However –
  • I needn’t have bothered, because the child didn’t look at said stocking until yesterday. For real.
  • I completely misgauged my time on Christmas Eve, and started the dinner totally late, leaving me with only moments to spare before my family arrived.
  • Kevin was needed at work, and ended up having to sell back his vacation time. I say boo to that, because we were looking forward to family frelaxing [slugs in pajamas] time, but yay for the extra cash! (Hey, we’re not fools — we  know a good thing when it comes along.)
  • The New Year’s Eve belated birthday party for above-mentioned hardworking man was a comedy of errors from start to finish.

But you know what? We had a blast! I kept thinking about that part in How the Grinch Stole Christmas, when the Grinch couldn’t stop it from coming. It was a good reminder to just enjoy all of the stuff that was great, and there was tons of it. We:

  • drove around and looked at lights without anyone crying;
  • drank lots of hot chocolate and watched cheesy Hallmark movies, or forced others to endure them [hey, it was fun for me!];
  • the kids made gingerbread houses [thanks, Aunt Liss!] and decorated sugar cookies [thanks, Grams!];
  • listened to Christmas music every day, as much as we wanted (which was a lot);
  • had a great time at each of our three Christmas celebrations, and two New Year’s events, and were thankful to have so much of our family with us!

It was really a fun couple of weeks, so much so that I was satisfied when it came for the party to end and the new year to begin. Although, speaking of the Grinch, it looks like he made a stop here:

 Pitiful. A mantle decoration intervention is definitely in order for Q1/2011.


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