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I had wanted to make something for my girl for Christmas, and about flipped my lid when I saw this Scottie Dog Pattern. Needless to say, there were plenty of scraps to choose from when it comes to making two-inch squares, and what’s not to love about sifting through to coordinate twenty-seven different patterns? My very most favorite kind of creative challenge!

Look, I’m not one much for dogs, nor am I a fan of stuffed animals [I know what you’re thinking, and it’s true: my kids are so lucky to have a fun mom!], but I loved this little pup so much that I had to get right back down to business and make another one for my niece.

Now, from the pattern photo, it’s obvious that the gussetted version can be done. May I give you a little heads-up, though? Really frustrating. Like, almost impossibly so, because I tried and I tried, and I could not make it work. I mean, I was being my very best take-it-slow-rip-it-out-try-again self  the first time around, and the result was still terrible. I even took it to Dr. Mom for a few helpful hints, and she wasn’t very encouraging, which should tell you something, because she’s the queen of, “Oh, well you just clip this and pin that…” while I sit there trying to look knowledgeable, mumbling, “Mmm, quite so”, until I finally have to admit to both of us that I have no idea what she’s talking about. In fact, we had that conversation by phone before I finally brought it over, and it was only after she saw it that she declared the prognosis as negative. However, leaving the gusset out and sewing the front to the back like a pillow? Completely doable. It does make it more like a doll and less like a pillow, but you might be okay with that, too…especially if you try the gussetted version. Just sayin’. Oh, and I used felt for the eyes, because a certain two-year-old does still have the tendency to put everything in her mouth. Her cousin would’ve been okay, I’m sure, but I was already in the zone with the felt.


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  1. To tell the truth, I think it looks better without the gusset! Cute, Meg! Cute!


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