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Chick-fil-A is For Lovers

Not to say that my life lacks glamour, but our Valentine’s Day festivities? Yeah. They can be summed up thusly: The two house-bound kids and I made a big banner with butcher paper, construction paper, and fun foam. (It never made it up; it’s still stuck to the floor with masking paper.) Then the man of the house came home, and we all headed off to the drive-thru for a romantic meal of chicken and waffle fries. After that…well, that pretty much wrapped it up. Hap-py Valentine’s Day!

You know what? It still beat being stuck in bed with the flu by a mile, and I wouldn’t have traded in my companions for anything.

Know what else? That Chick-fil-A was packed out. Apparently, we’re not the only ones who know how to party.


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  1. Hey, hey! You’re V-day was a success! Ours wasn’t nearly half so exciting. We did pat each other and say “Happy Valentine’s Day”. And then we promptly rescheduled it for when we were better.


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