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Flavors of the Month, Pt. 2: Scraptacular


Remnantific? Scraptastic? Well, whatever — I love my new blankie! It’s one part fleece-my-mom-didn’t-need bound with a myriad of prized pieces from the overflowing scrap bin. As I was digging through said bin, trying to figure out how to join them all together into something pretty, I had one of those flashes of “haven’t I seen this somewhere before?” Indeed I had, in the form of the Patchwork-Trimmed Baby Blanket in Weekend Sewing. I love the way instructions for making the patchwork binding! Of course, since this was a bigger piece, Dummy Dumbhead here had to redo all of the math and ended up with way more than I needed. Doh! Better than too little, at least. Also, I added some extra rows of stitching to the binding, just to add a little texture.

Even including the week-long cooling off period while I talked myself into tackling attaching the binding (which turned out to be no big deal, which I was pretty sure would turn out to be the case, so why waste the time? dunno), this was such a fun little project that I’d like to make more more MORE! Also, it came in mighty handy during our bout with the flu, especially on the cold, cold night I spent on the couch because my girl decided no bed would do ‘cept for Mommy’s torso. Good times.


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  1. L-O-V-E this idea! LOVE! I’m putting it on my Christmas to-do list.

  2. Thank you! So glad I’m not the only one. I’m *obsessed* with this, I tell ya!


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