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This Old Chestnut [Craft Hope Project #12]

Where does the time go?

Rather than try to back up the train and start with all the stuff which consumed March (and February…and then April, for that matter), I figure I might as well start with something more current. Maybe I’ll throw in some of the aging items here and there for posterity.

So –

Craft Hope has sounded the call for bracelets. Now, jewelry-making is not my strong suit. Lucky for me, my partners in crime (the syndicate, if you will) are very gifted in this area, so I regularly benefit from their talents and have been able to pretty much resist the lure of the bead. Still, I really wanted to participate in this project! After a little searching around on the internet, I stumbled upon a forgotten classic: the friendship bracelet.

Oh, how I love the friendship bracelet. I think I was in junior high the last time I wove one of these puppies. Before that, we made the ones with safety pins and beads, where every bead had a specific meaning. Remember those? I loved making those, too. Anyway, after seeing these instructions , I got out the floss and gave it a go.

Ahh…it’s all coming back to me. Well, why stop? Keep that floss coming!

Yeah — it’s a little addictive. I’ll make you laugh, though: At first, I thought I’d have to wait to start until I had time to run to the craft store, because I wanted to pick out just the right colors and whatever. Never mind that I have a whole box of embroidery floss — a big one! — just sitting on a shelf. Righhht. As it turns out, there’s plenty to make more than a few. What’s up with that, though? Use what you have, Genius! Use what you have!!*

The only problem with these is that they are a little time-consuming. On the surface, I don’t mind that, but when I stop to think how much time I sat weaving friendship bracelets while the rest of the house falls into squallor…well, one can’t feel all that great about that (even if it is for a great cause!)

I do, however, have an alternative. And it involves fabric. Very little fabric. Interested? I’ll share the details later in the week!

*Which, oddly enough, was how I conducted my search in the first place: Look for ideas which utilize what I already have, and won’t make me crazy, both keys to happy crafting (in my book.)


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  1. It’s like I just stepped into a time machine. Now, if you could just find a pattern for some pink-Hawaiian jams I’d be set. Totally RAD!

  2. (Not to be confused with the timeless classic movie “RAD”….)

    Find one? You make it sound as if I didn’t already have the pattern…and the fabric. Merry Christmas, dude!

  3. You just opened a whole can of worms with RAD, the movie. Did you ever see it? Or is this a sad trick to exploit my nerdy-ness?

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