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Two For One

Those of you with a keen eye will notice the running theme of “I’d better run out and buy [fill in the blank] — no, wait! I already have it covered!”

Such was the case with my girl’s Easter dress. A couple of months ago, I spied a long-neglected length of fabric in the corner that would be perfect for a Spring dress. In fact, there was even enough of it to make a matching necktie for the young gentleman — perfect! And then I’d forget…and be in Target looking at dresses, hemming and hawing over the twenty dollars…and then I’d remember the fabric yet again. Happened more than once, I’m sorry to say.

Finally, a couple of weeks ago I got around to settling on a pattern [the Flower Girl Dress form Weekend Sewing] and got down to work. As luck would have it, B’s measurements were exactly that of the size 4 in the book. Hooray!

Now, as far as the pattern and instructions go, it was very user-friendly. That is, if you can read.  I don’t know what it is about my brain, but it cannot keep straight all of the right-side/wrong-side of the fabric indications on a pattern. Fortunately, I’ve been sewing long enough to know when things are going down the tubes, and can turn it around before the problem becomes unmanageable, as long as (and this is key) I mind the warning bell going off in my head. All too often I ignore it, shrugging it off with a “Well, that does seem strange, but that’s what it says”, when – in fact – it is not what it says.

Anyway — cute, no?

Yep. Real cute. Except it does not even come close to fitting. I did manage to get it over her head, and then almost had to resort to cutting her back out of it when she started freaking out. Yes, this dress has permanently scarred my poor daughter. Now, four times a day — when she’s putting on or taking off a shirt — we have to go through this whole rigmarole:

“You not going to hurt me…?”

“No, I’m not going to hurt you.” [Stretch out the neck of the shirt and whisk it over her head as quickly as possible.]

[Laughing] “Oh, that’s better! [Sees the new shirt coming] “You not going to hurt me again….”

For real. Every. single. time. 

Well, so I headed back to ye olde Target and checked out the selection again. And again remembered that I’d just recently purchased a lovely voile at Joann’s, specifically to make a little dress for a certain dress-less someone.

Back to the tried and true:

Success! The truth is, you really can’t go wrong with that much elastic and so few design elements.

Especially when your model is so super cute:

(And, yes: the cardigan has been hanging in the closet for months, just waiting for a coordinating piece. Double success! And, no: the boy didn’t get a tie. The dress was done, and I that was it for me. Showmanship!)


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  1. It was such a beautiful dress. Well done!

  2. She scars easily, that one. She probably still hasn’t forgotten my flute playing episode last year! I felt so bad. But anyhow, the dress was ADORABLE! And the little cardigan… loved it!

  3. awww…too cute!!!

  4. Fantastic! She looked so great!! 🙂

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