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This Is Why I Can’t Stay On-Task

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Don’t get me wrong: I love teachers. Theirs is a tough job, and not one to which I’m necessarily suited, so I most definitely appreciate them.

What I do not, however, appreciate is receiving an e-mail blast on Friday afternoon outlining a list of suggested themes for each day of Teachers Appreciation Week, which commenced–oh yes!–today. It could be said that I appreciated even less the note containing the same info which was then tucked into my boy’s bag. OK, got it!

Does anyone else (other than you, Meliss) get all jammed up about this kind of thing? It’s not like there’s just one teacher. No — there are a total of six, plus aides, and they rotate. Then the question becomes: Are we supposed to “appreciate” all of them every day, or just the ones he sees on that particular day? What about the aides? Are there any I don’t know about? Do they rotate, too? Are the librarians included in this jamboree, or do they have their own day?

Well, let’s just take a deep breath and take this [molehill turned into a mountain] on step at a time, shall we? Today was flower day, which makes today’s questions:

  • Do I grown any flowers? [Um, only Impatiens. Real nice….]
  • How early will we have to leave in order to buy flowers?
  • Will he then even be able to make it through the front door of the school before he somehow smushes them?
  • Will the lone male coach enjoy receiving said flower?


[On a side note, all of this seems much crazier in print than it did in my head, and I thought it was pretty crazy to begin with. Sadly, there’s no way to frame my tendency toward obsessive over-thinking in a more flattering way. I won’t even waste precious time mulling that over, which may be progress.]

Scrap that. I decided to limit my digging to deep within the recesses of my brain’s craft file. Pens wrapped to look like flowers?..nope, none of those supplies on-hand…fabric and button flowers?…umm…WAIT! What about a singed flower pin?! Jackpot!

I *love* these! And, as luck would have it, I had (and was able to actually put my hands on) all of the necessary equipment in-house, which was good since I didn’t really get to start until 9:00 p.m. I’d already cut the circles in the afternoon, though, so I was ready to go when the time came to really burn it up.

Literally: burn it up. The first thing I did was set fire to the test circle. You may think, “Well, keep it out of the flame, Genius!”, but it was actually a good inch or two above the flame. It’s just like toasting a marshmallow, where one minute you have a little bit of color, and then it’s aflame. Needless to say,  you’re going to want to keep some water nearby. Also, I notice that most of the ones I see online lack the toasty edges that mine took on, but I’m actually okay with those, especially with this color. I’m filing that under “Cool Design Element”.

After I attached the pin-back, I poked two holes in a piece of cardstock, slipped the pin through, and added the “thank you”. You would not believe how excited I was to have pulled this one off; it’s a little embarrassing. Oh, why not celebrate even the smallest victories — am I right?

As for the rest of the week, well, I’m going to put my own sanity ahead of the memo and boldly forge on with my own pick-and-choose course. They were only “suggestions”, after all.

Edited to add: Come to find out, only two of the kids in the class brought their offerings Monday. Somehow, that takes off a little of the pressure.


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  1. Bravo! Such a pretty presentation.


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