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This Time For Sure

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I all but swore that I wouldn’t do it again. “Only a few herbs!”, was my mantra.

But –

I received a lovely Plants For All Seasons  [my favorite neighborhood nursery] gift card…and the tomatoes looked so tempting…

…that the battle cry turned into, “Only cherry tomatoes this year!” (or grape, as the case may be.)

Then…I read a little more about raised bed planting, and how easy it was to construct one out of cement blocks [no building required!], so…

…a garden was born! We won’t call it a “plot” for fear it will turn into one; it’s still early in the season.

As you can see, I came to play this year; netting as far as the eye can see. Think you’re going to dig in my dirt this year, squirrels? Shoo!

OK, but that’s not the exciting part. Those pictures were actually taken back in March. Here’s how things are growing today:

 Are you believing your eyes?!?

Yes, those are dozens of tomatoes on that [alarmingly straggly] stem, and those are teeny tiny cucumbers trying to work their way up the plastic cage/trellis. AND we did, in fact, eat those two baby strawberries this morning, and they were de-licious. For real–I wish I had twenty-five more plants so that I’d have a shot at one little pot of jam, because it would be the best ever, but for now, I’m happy with the little half-snack we had today.

The lettuce was kind of a dismal failure. Next year, I’ll be planting that much earlier, but still — we grew something from seed! Amazing!

And, finally, the mint of my dreams. Please don’t die, little mint.

I mean, are you already bracing yourself for the sad follow-up post where I show all of the little withered tomato carcasses and black-stemmed mint stalks? Is it even possible that a season will pass without it?

Time will tell.

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  1. Great job! I am really happy with my garden so far this year (it’s quite a bit behind yours, growing-season-wise) but my stupid dog keeps getting into it and trampling the little plants! Grrr…

    • Oh, don’t you hate that? We don’t even have pets, and I still have that problem (thanks to pesky squirrels and cats.) Glad yours is off to a good start despite your pup’s efforts.

  2. those strawberries are beautiful!

  3. So excited for you…. we are trying to start a “green thumb” at our house but we started very small…. hey, the herbs are still alive!

  4. Hey, that’s no small feat, Beka — good for you! 🙂

  5. mint comes back pretty well even if you do kill it off (or the texas sun and heat and our total lack of rain this year do it for you). mine didnt fair well when we moved but is already sprouting up again amid the burnt up dead stuff. the same for my basil. its coming back. i don’t know about my poor mandarine orange tree, though. its losing leaves daily… congrats on you garden. a real feat this year especially! i’m planning to try some more next year, but will have to do some crazy wiring on mine as well. deer and rabbits always get to my tomatoes befor i can…


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